Join us

A Game For All!

We welcome enquiries from;

  • New, inexperienced players interested in learning the game.
  • Experienced players looking for a team.
  • Umpires.
  • Scorers.
  • Anyone interested in joining the extra curricular activities.

We run a Saturday team in the Hampshire Leagues and a Thursday evening team in the Southampton Evening Leagues, there’s the odd Sunday fixture, there is also lots of practise sessions, so plenty of cricket!

We are toying with running a 2nd XI next season.

If you are interested in anything above or just love cricket, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks a lot!


2 Responses to Join us

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi – At present I play for a local Ladies cricket team in Alresford as a left handed bowler, but I live in Valley Park and would love to play closer to home.

    Could you let me know about the fixtures and times

    Many thanks
    Kathy 👍😊

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Great to hear from you.

      We are currently holding our nets at Thornden School, Monday evenings, 8.45-10. Please feel free to come along and get involved.

      If you send me your email address to, I can go into more detail about the club, fixtures etc.

      Look forward to hearing from you.


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