Portsmouth and Southsea III Match Report

Finally after another 2 weeks of missed matches owing to what some would say is “The Great British Summer”, we met at the Cleveland eager to make way to our 4th match of the season. Upon arrival at the ground there were fears that this pitch may resemble that of Calmore or even Braishfield due to the recent wet weather and the fact it “was” a council pitch. However after marching out for the pitch inspection and watching Pete prodding at the ground, we (or those who appeared to know what they were talking about) concluded that the condition was good but there could be some break-up later on. After some deliberation from the Captains, it was agreed that bowling first would be the best option IF Lee was able to win the toss. Next we went to get changed and generally psych ourselves up for the day only to find that the locals in Portsmouth obviously have significantly more Vitamin A in their diets due to the abysmal lighting in the changing rooms. Whilst fumbling through the dark it appeared that Toby must have also had this problem at home as he managed to forget his whole cricket strip; fortunately however, Kev was able to provide a spare shirt which amusingly seemed like a dress on Toby (although responsibly we were keeping with league rules by ensuring Toby wore “mostly white” attire).

After Lee returned to the pavilion from winning the toss (yes I was shocked too), we elected to field first and Pete and Sam prepared to open the bowling. All was steady at first from the opposition until Over 5 where frustration got the better of the 2nd opener and Dave, proving he was back in the game, took an excellent low diving catch to reduce the opposition to 8-1. The match then seemed to reflect that of Vospers with a slow run rate and no wickets falling for a long time. However the remaining opener (who we slightly feared from his Southern Electric stickers) began to score more freely; if it wasn’t for our sharp fielding and putting our bodies, sweat (and blood in some cases) into it we could have been looking at very different score by the 15th Over which was only 38-1.  With Kev and Adam still tieing up the batsmen and starving the runs; on the 18th Over the Number 3 decided the runs were there which ended in an impeccable Run Out throw by Lee to put the opposition at 54-2.

At 20 Overs we were still becoming increasingly frustrated at the remaining opener (not helped by a controversial LBW refusal), and Lee was beginning to have a reminiscence of Hollybank and so decided a change in bowling was necessary. Cameron now came into the attack and somehow managed to get a tremendous amount of swing with his bowling. The opener decided the best method here was to take the attack to the bowler and went for 6 against Cam; however little did he know that Sam was having none of it and took an excellent one handed catch that proved to be a pivotal moment in the first innings. This big wicket left the opposition now at 58-3. With the Captain now at the crease and Kev still pleased that not just us adopt large talent on the team, Cameron continued his super swing devastation to bowl him for a duck and take the score to 64-4. This then followed 2 balls later by another wicket put the score at 64-5 and we began to feel in control of the match.

With the new batsmen in, a partnership began to form (slowly) with Pete, Cameron and Adam’s (hangover) accuracy starving the batsmen of runs. Then Sam came back into the attack and took 2 quick wickets to put the score at 86-7. With one wicket left and all but a 13 yr old left to bat, there was pressure to now keep the opposition to under three figures. Although Pete loved the excitement at actually getting to bowl spin in the match, it was Sam who took the final wicket which ended their innings at 93.



Following the tea break it was agreed that a steady approach would be favoured here, although I was still kept in the tail as nobody wished to miss the start of the Football or make it close run affair. Cameron and Dave instead opened, with both demonstrating their capability of carrying the bat, we steadily made runs until the 5th Over where Cameron got out for 15 stunning the scorers and having Stato already assessing the impact. At 19-1, Lee marched to the crease and decided he would add to the excitement of the game by aiming catches for the fielders, after a few drops it soon felt like we were watching England at football with the anticipation of how long he was going to hold out. However, after 16 Overs, Lee did manage to get bowled for 18 from being foxed by a slower delivery. This then took the score to 56-2.

With Pete now walking out to the middle, the lower order were now thinking of padding up in the expectation of a Finlay quick fire innings. However contrary to this, Pete and Dave remained steady and formed a slow but solid partnership. This unfortunately only made it to 74 before Dave was given LBW (dubiously); however his 26 was commendable given the difficult conditions and his recent lack of confidence. Now Alex approached the crease for his debut innings; only to find a recent passer-by we allowed to play was now one of their better pace bowlers (very suspect). However both himself and Pete managed to see off the last 20 runs to end the innings as another convincing victory for the Knights, with Dave as Man of the Match for his excellent batting and fielding performance. Now we need to look to next week’s fixture against Portsmouth Post Office which we hope will be yet another good win for us.

Link to Scorecard: http://knightsvalley.play-cricket.com/scoreboard/scorecard.asp?id=11477986


Hollybank vs KV match report



Hollybank vs. Knights Valley


July 2nd AWAY


The 3rd game for the Knights was away to Hollybank CC. A blustery day, with the sun in and out from the clouds, the skipper kp went out to do the toss with his opposite number. A call of heads from kp would prove to be wrong and Hollybank decided to bat, although kp would have bowled, so this could be considered a win.


With a number of influential players away (Pete, Adam, Kev, Chris, Toby, Alex) the Knights had welcomed 2 new players to the team, Sam Whieldon, who would keep wicket, and Aaron Holes who would bowl. Also back from his holidays and making his first league appearance this season, was elder statesman pops and not forgetting Chris Franklin back for also his first appearance of the season.


After the now customary huddle, current player of the year Sam Fielder was to bowl the first ball of the day, with Franklin opening from the other end. From the outset it was clear that the Hollybank captain and opener C.Wells would be a key batsman for his team. He played with controlled aggression while his partner thrashed his bat at everything and after 5 over’s Hollybank moved to 25 for 0. Messrs Fielder and Franklin were bowling good lines but the Hollybank openers were hitting boundaries from anything slightly down leg or slightly too short and after 10 over’s Hollybank had moved to 45 and the Knights needed a break through. It came in the 11 over, a good catch from M Payne off Fielders bowling and the knights were now looking to step up the pressure and get stuck into the opposition. Franklin having bowled 5 for 18, signalled for a rest and the skipper brought on A. Holes for a spell, unfortunately Holes had a loose first over going for 15. His next 3 over’s would be much improved and they would go for just 11 and he was unlucky as he had a couple of drops off his bowling, that would have seen an impressive take by the stand in keeper Whieldon and a good catch by McAdam, and this would have given a nice boost to his confidence. Fielder bowled a cracking opening spell of 8 over’s, 1 for 37. His replacement was J. Maker and he was to pick up where Fielder had left off. Bowling excellent line and lengths, Maker would pick up his first wicket with is 2nd over. Over 20 would see the introduction of Cameron Messenger, taking over from an unlucky Holes. Messengers first over was excellent, quick and full and with an equally impressive 6 more balls from maker, there was a much-needed 2 maidens in a row for the knights meaning Hollybank had reached 96 for 2 at drinks.


The first over after drinks was too, unfortunately, prove to be decisive. Messenger carrying on his spell had Hollybank captain Wells in all sorts of trouble. With Wells on 47, he played a defensive nudge too hard and the red ball went, looping, straight to M.Payne in the covers. Having to dive forward slightly, the ball was in his large hands but somehow popped out again and the chance was to go begging. Wells would go on to hit 120 no and with every boundary he would go on to hit, the anguish would show on Payne more and more. Wells would also prove to be Hollybanks only trump card and (hindsight is a wonderful thing) had he have been dismissed, the home side would have struggled to make 150. After this messenger did get a wicket, with the returning Pops making an unbelievable diving to his left catch in the slips, defying his age and generally showing the others how to do it and as is normal now when pops takes a catch, the other KV players questioning what happened to the catching abilities of sons Matt and Lee! An unlucky Messenger would go on to have a couple more drops off his bowling. Reese would bowl 4 overs of spin and with a well set Wells hitting any slightly short balls to the boundary, Reese did beat the bat a number of times. A special mention of the stand in Keeper Whieldon, who would take 2 good catches and keep well in his first ever 42 over match.


The wickets would fall pretty quickly now, but Wells was the thorn in the Knights side as he hit boundary after boundary and after the regulation 42 over’s Hollybank would hit 224 for 8 with the bowling figures


Fielder 10-1-47-3

Franklin 10-2-42-1

Holes 4-0-27-0

Maker 7-1-29-2

Messenger 7-1-37-2

Reese 4-0-27-0


Having a well earned spot of tea, the Knights felt confident that the runs could be chased down and a solid opening partnership would be key.

Messenger and M. Payne would get the Knights innings under way. A solid start by the openers would see the required run rate of 5.333333333333 matched and an untroubled start saw the Knights reach the 10 over mark on 46 for 0, 1 ahead of Hollybank at this same stage. Messenger and Payne hitting some fine shots and some excellent running between the wickets, undoubtedly a fine opening partnership is beging to establish. In the 14 over, there was a blow to the Knights as Messenger was given out on 27, caught behind. Replays and hot spot would show the ball hit his pad and Umpire pops had some explaining to do! Well, Cam said it hit his pad, not the first time a fellow Knight umpiring, had given out a team mate under suspicious circumstances!

This would bring D. McAdam to the crease and looking to get in amongst the runs. A confident McAdam sent a crunching hook shot, which was destined for a six, but was excellently caught on the boundary and he had to walk for 0. This brought Skipper Payne to the crease and full of nerves due to a previous weeks 0, quickly got off the mark with a single. The 2 younger Payne’s were looking comfortable but were never really able to keep up with the run rate, mainly due to Hollybanks N. Wood who would bowl an unbelievable spell of 10 over’s, 6 maidens, 1 wicket for 8 runs and at drinks the Knights were now 16 behind the mark set by Hollybank.

Over 22 would see the Knights give a collective groan as a slow, loopy bowler, G. Grier was brought on, yes guys it was a girl, and the opposition sticking 6 on the boundary, singles would be all the was mostly scored off the bowling. Again, this bowling would be destructive to the Knights with M. Payne being bowled going after one and his replacement S. Reese falling victim to the loopy pies LBW (maker was umpiring so draw your own conclusions!), after looking like putting on a good partnership with the skipper, having got to 8 runs quickly and making up some of the difference. Coming in at 6 was D. Payne, who also struggled with the slow deliveries. Skipper Payne didn’t have so many problems and managed to hit a couple of boundaries. Having got to over 29 now 28 runs behind the run rate, it was time to put the foot on the gas. Pops took this a little too literally, and with skipper Payne having made his way to 32 and starting to hit some more expansive shots, pops at the non strikers end, strangely called for a suicide single and the skipper with no chance, was gone. After a few heated words from son to father, Franklin came to the crime scene and played a wonderful innings. 110 needed from 12 over’s was always a big task but one that was set about eagerly by the remaining Knights. With another batsman, Pops, falling to the slow bowling of Girl bowler Grier, again trying to hit out hard, Fielder came out with nothing to loose and had a cracking go at getting the runs. Franklin and Fielder hit boundaries galore. Unfortunately it was too little too late and Franklin fell on 24 bringing Holes to have a thrash. Holes fell for 7 and Wheldon was left with 3 balls to score 28 runs. Not even Barber could work that out and the Knights fell short of the total.


A good game, played in good spirit was lost on the day, with the Knights looking back on agonising drop catches. Catches really do win matches and although this will go down in the record books as a loss, with so many players away, the Knights put up a battling display and can feel proud of their efforts and probably, could and should have won this one.


Man of the match went to S. Fielder for an excellent bowling display and for a quick knock of 30.


Knights Valley CC vs. VTCC 2nd XI

Knight’s Valley vs. VTCC 2nd XI – 26/05/2012

Match Report

On a warm May afternoon the Knights Valley boys assembled at their new home ground hoping to continue from the fine performance the previous week to secure a win on their first home game. There was an element of warmth and humidity in the air with a steady breeze crossing the rock hard wicket. The skipper’s bowlers insisted that should he win the toss he should elect to field first and give them the new ball. To everybody’s amazement Lee managed to win his second toss of the year (well the opposition called wrongly if that still counts as Lee winning) and second in a row and as promised elected to field.

There was a definite buzz in the field as the younger Finlay marked out his run up and prepared to open. Sadly his first three overs were poor and although there were few runs off of the bat there were a few too many extras and byes for the skippers liking and the spell was rightly ended after three overs. The other opening bowler, Sam Fielder, made a Stirling effort at the other end to prevent the opening batsmen getting runs on the board and conceded just 19 runs from his six overs. Replacing the younger Finlay, Adam Sillence bowled a long and lively spell of 7 overs from the far end which saw huge amounts of swing regularly beat the bat but sadly the batsmen, clearly uncomfortable with the swing, dug in and just saw Adam off who ended a fine days bowling with 8 overs for just 22 runs at 2.75 an over. The younger Finlay came back to replace Sam at the other end to his original spell after an inspired piece of captaincy by Lee and bowled much tighter lines to finish the day with 10 overs leaking only 22 at 2.2 an over for one wicket. Incidentally the one wicket was an extraordinary one handed catch by Chris Barber, diving low to his right, who probably has never been able to move so quickly in his life. Clearly he had gravy over his cereal instead of milk. The other two seam bowlers to bowl were Cameron and Jason. Cameron bowled a good attacking spell late in the innings to take 2 wickets for 17 runs off of 6 overs at  2.86 an over. Jason was unfortunate to have 3 dropped catches off of his bowling as the batsmen clearly felt the need to go on the offensive and finished with 1 wicket for 28 off of 4 overs at 7 runs per over. The seam bowlers were well supported by the two slower bowlers Steve and Kev. Steve’s first overs of spin in a competitive game looked promising. A good variation of flight and turn put several good balls in which tested the batsmen’s technique and his one wicket was the result of a fine off break delivery which turned back through the gate to take leg stump. Steve finished with figures of 1 wicket for 17 off of 3 overs at   5.6 an over. Kev bowled his simple full and straight deliveries and varied his flight and pace well to keep the batsman guessing. His quicker ball even had the keeper guessing on one or two occasions! Kev bowled a very tight spell and took one wicket LBW after a plumb appeal had already been turned down. He finished with figures of one wicket for 6 runs off of 5 overs at a remarkable 1.2 runs per over!

With only 143 on the scoreboard the Knights were confident at their ability to chase down the opposition total. Dave and Cameron took to the wicket to open the batting on a pitch that looked to still be in good condition for batting on. Dave unfortunately fell for 1 off of the five balls he faced but stoically trudged off the pitch with little complaint. Next up was Matt Payne who batted very well for his 15 demonstrating some very elegant stroke making and forming the beginnings of a strong partnership with Cam. Sadly Matt was bowled by the slow right arm of J. Knight who then bowled Matt’s replacement, Skipper Lee, for a duck off of just 4 balls after he played around a straight one. After lee had come and Gone the team’s overseas player Steve strolled to the crease. Steve looked confident at the crease and put up 8 from 15 balls before attempting to strike a boundary after suffering a few dot balls in a row. Next up was Pete Finlay who managed to stay at the crease for 31 balls and find the boundary four times in his 23 runs. It would have been 5 boundaries were it not for a well struck drive which hit the umpire, Lee, on the foot. Some fine fielding for the Opposition Lee! Pete went on to fall to some frustratingly average slow bowling after looking at a high loopy ball and, despite the overwhelming urge to advance and slog it, played all round it trying to protect his wicket. All of the cheap wickets must have been almost overwhelming for Cam who had casually and steadily cruised through the entire innings so far to make 79 off of 82 balls before being run out. Cam had casually played an almost chance-less innings with his philosophy off playing out the good balls and putting away the bad balls, of which he claimed there were plenty. Batting with Cam can be like batting with Yoda as he always has wise words of advice in between overs or after his partner has played a risky shot. The lower order managed to make up for the mistakes of the middle order (who had got themselves out) and Sam saw out the end of the innings with 4 from 9 and Kev Finlay finishing the innings in style with a well struck 4 which he told anybody who would listen was almost a six!

Overall a fine result for the knights. The match was a good display of the teams strong bowling and although there were a few dropped catches in the field the opposition was starved of runs. On the batting front the middle order let themselves down a bit and got themselves out cheaply but the excellent knock by cam and salvage skills of the lower order saw the team home. The knights may feel that the opposition got 20 more than they deserved and that the knights lost a wicket or two more than they should have but it cannot be denied that this was another convincing win.

Sarisbury Athletic 5th XI Match Report

Knights Valley CC vs. Sarisbury Athletic 5th XI

May 19th 2012 – Away

The first match of the season has finally arrived with great  excitement and anticipation!

Beginning the day as all good cricketers do, the squad met at the Cleaveland Bay Pub. There we were all presented with a brand spanking uniform, and got psyched for the game ahead. The very smart ‘white’ shirt was received well by the team. Nice work there skipper!

With much excitement, we all set off for the playing ground in different directions. Jason’s ‘short cut’, got him to the ground an impressive 10 mins after everyone else.

A quick pitch inspection revealed a soft track likely to make batting a challenge. It became apparent that the outfield was actually used for making omlettes when not being used by cricketers. Winning the toss would be a distinct advantage.

With the prospect of taking on Sarisbury with only 10 players, we changed into our kit contemplating the best way to inform Pete that he could not have a slip fielder. Just as the moment approached, beaten and bruised as Bruce Willis in Die Hard, our 11th showed up. Doin’ it for the team Kev!

While this all took place, Lee used his mind control skills to win the toss, and elected to field. A good win in the conditions.

With a full squad, we all marched out to the pitch gallantly ready for battle. The opening batsmen looking confident took their stance and the umpires gave the all go. With the fielders ready, the batsmen ready, and the bowler ready, Pete unleashed his first deception. “Um guys, I don’t have a ball. Aah, does anyone have a ball? Lee, do you have the ball? Maybe the umpires may have a ball? No? Ok then.” The statisticians began working on the number of overs we would lose while a ball was produced.

After 6 months of training, 2 months of wash outs, and 10 minutes of delayed starts, or first game was finally under way!

Innings 1

The skipper charged Pete and Sam with the opening duties. The right hand fast seam vs. left hand medium swing proved to be a devastating combination. Both players bowled tight lines, good lengths, produced movement through the air, and movement off the seam. Our quickies ripped through the opening order, taking 4 wickets for very few runs. A solid start for the Knights.

Recognising the incredible amount of swing that Sam was achieving, the skipper opted to bring further swing into the attack.

First change saw Adam and Jason given the opportunity to continue the impressive work by the openers. They did not disappoint. Adam and Jason’s balls swung in harmony. A little to the left, then a little to the right. This impressive display was too much for the batsmen to handle. Rather than occupy the crease, they decided it would be better to loft catches to the fielders.

During this period the Knights faced resistance from J.Gobbi who managed to find the boundary frequently with his cross batted swings. As we worked on a plan to dismiss him, miscommunication between the batsmen and great fielding by the Knights resulted in an excellent run out. Needless to say Mr. J.Gobbi was not as excited about the dismissal as we were, displaying his dissappointment by carefully removing his helmet and dismanteling it for easier storage.

All of this excitement got the Knights through to 21 overs where a well earned drinks break was administered.

Upping the pressure, the skipper decided to re-introduce the opener along with newbie Cameron to finish off the tail end. After a few warm up deliveries, and trouble with his trousers, Cam managed to find his line and length, and completed a tidy over. Pete then unleashed the first slow ball of his career, going against his ‘all guns blazing’ philosophy. Surprisingly effective, the slower ball fooled the batsmen, who popped an easy catch to end the innings.

All out for 61 runs, 13 of which were wides

O M R W Nb Wd
Peter Finlay 7.3 1 19 3 0 5
Sam Fielder 6 3 8 2 0 1
Jason Maker 5 1 9 3 0 1
Adam Sillence 5 0 20 1 0 3
Cameron Messenger 1 0 5 0 0 3

Innings 2
With a run rate of 1.5 per over required, the Knights Valley Openers Cameron and Matt occupied the crease with confidence. The bowlers did not seam, swing, or turn the ball, allowing Cameron to play with controlled agression knocking off the lions share of the runs. Matt played a beautiful supporting role, until a comedy of errors brought about his down fall. “Yes, no, go back, maybe, why are you at the same end as me? Shite”. With 55 on the board, Pete marched out at no.3 and quickly knocked off the remaining runs.

R B 4s 6s
Cameron Messenger Not Out 43  48 4 0
Matt Payne Run Out 18 0 0
Peter Finlay Not Out 11  14 2 0

Bloody good start to the season.

Man of the Match
The newbie for his unbeaten 43.

Knights Valley vs. Newport Gents

Knights Valley vs. Burridge

This is a match report. We did good.