About us

Knights Valley Cricket Club

Mission Statement:

“Knights Valley Cricket Club is committed to promoting and providing cricket playing opportunities to all individuals of any age and ability and to enhance the sporting and social experience of its club members. To be proud and to make a difference.”


How we got to today…


Here’s a little run down of how our club came about and has developed and grown our the years…

Knights Valley Cricket Club was officially formed in the winter of 2010.

Conceived over a pint or 3 in the garden of the Cleveland Bay Pub at the end of the 2010 season, Knights Valley grew from a careless whisper to a fully fledged club. The name Knights Valley was dreamt up by one of our members, Sam Fielder, and is an amalgamation of two areas of Chandlers Ford, them being Knightwood and Valley Park.

We are a friendly club, we enjoy socializing together and all get along very well. We play to win but also to have fun, something we manage to do well but we still hate losing!

Being a newly formed club, we started out in the lowest division in the Hampshire leagues, regional Division 4 South Central and originally, home was at the Southampton Sports Center and this served us well in our first season. The club gained promotion in our debut season, playing some wonderful cricket and showing unity from the off.

We finished 3rd, moved up to Regional 3 South East and were able to secure a new home ground, King George 5th Playing fields in Winchester.

After playing a season at the new home ground, we finished mid-table. This wasn’t so bad after a truly awful 2012 season, where the only winner was the atrocious weather. In total 8 games were called off and 4 or 5 games were played on soft, slow and damp pitches, which are grim to say the least.

On the 11th of June 2013, mid way through the 2013 season, the club was delighted to officially gain the use of a new home ground, Knightwood Leisure Centre in the heart of Chandlers Ford, the new home ground is on the doorstep of the squad and is a cracking pitch, lovely surroundings and great facilities.

After gaining a couple of new players and saying goodbye to two, we won 8 of the 14 league matches we played, leaving us in a more than respectable 6th position. Of the 5 team above us we beat 3 of them.

2013 will be remembered as a season of amazing weather, some brilliant individual performances, some legendary after game pub sessions and because the team finally made it home to Knightwood.

In March of 2014 we joined the Southampton Evening Cricket League, calling ourselves the Knights Valley Vipers and this offers more cricket for everyone!

2014 promises to be bright and exciting with the club gaining some new players. Let’s just hope the rain stops……

The rain did stop and we have continued to grow and attract some good players. The squad is growing and expectations are rising!

Follow us on twitter: @knightsvalleycc


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