Locks Heath III – home

Morning Knights,

I can finally announce the team for Saturday. Apologies it’s taken so long this week but despite 90% of you replying within 24 hours of my initial text we still have a few slow responders.

Also congratulations to those of you at training Tuesday. Some of you have attended every outside session for the past 3 weeks and we are seeing some really noticeable improvements. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

The team for Saturday is as follows:



John C

Jon P



Dave w




Kev H

Lee is captain for the game and is running the show.

Please arrive at Knightwood for 12:45 so there is time to set up and carry out a warm up like we did at Trojans before we fielded.

Good luck in the game. I know you’ll be fantastic. Do the basics well and you will win. If I wasn’t on a trip I would have come to watch/score.

See you at training next week,