Dinton II – away

Hi all,

After a week off, resting both body and mind, let’s put in 110% effort, have a top performance and score a win.

Starting XI:

  1. Sam Fielder – C
  2. Lee Payne
  3. Aaron Loverman
  4. Dan Keyworth – Wk
  5. Denis Payne
  6. Ajit
  7. Jason Maker
  8. Nathan Small
  9. Kev Finlay
  10. Dave Wright
  11. Matt Payne

It’s a fair trek, so can we meet at 12 o’clock in the usual car park. 

See you there,


Thruxton – home

Hello all,
After last weeks particularly difficult game, we welcome Thruxton to Knightwood. 

Starting XI;

  1. Sam Fielder – C
  2. Dan Keyworth
  3. Lee Payne
  4. Pete Finlay
  5. Aaron Loveman
  6. Nathan Small
  7. Matt Payne
  8. Dave Wright
  9. Chris Barber – Wk
  10. Jason Maker
  11. Gerry Small


  1. Denis Payne
  2. Ajit
  3. Iain Messenger
  4. Jon Page
  5. Kev Houston
  6. Kev Finaly
  7. Darren Nangle
  8. Ron Clarke

Please can you arrive early and help with set up.

Let’s get back on the winning run guys.

Wilton – away

Afternoon All,After the superb match last week, we look to be as equally positive and have another strong performance on Saturday.
Starting XI:

  1. Sam Fielder – C
  2. Lee Payne
  3. Chris Barber
  4. Aaron Loveman
  5. Denis Payne
  6. Gerry Small
  7. Jon Page
  8. Jason Maker
  9. Alex Messeneger
  10. Iain Messenger
  11. David Wright


  1. Pete Finlay
  2. Kev Finlay
  3. Matt Payne
  4. Darren Nangle
  5. Dan Keyworth
  6. Kev Houston
  7. Phil Dennet
  8. Nathan Small

This is away and is an hours (!) drive. Can we all meet at the car park for 11.45 please, this allows for traffic.

Aside from that, lets plays positively and score a win!