Winterbourne II – away

A truly marvalus win this past Saturday, a real team performance and we look to continue with our form and positive play against Winterbourne II.

Starting XI:

  1. Sam Fielder – C
  2. Dan Keyworth
  3. Pete Finlay
  4. Denis Payne
  5. Gerry Small
  6. Chris Barber – Wk
  7. Jon Page
  8. Matt Payne
  9. Nathan Small
  10. Kev Finlay
  11. Jason Maker


  1. Lee Payne
  2. Darren Nangle
  3. Kev Houston
  4. Iain Messenger
  5. Ajit
  6. Phil Dennet
  7. Graham Cole

As this is an away fixture could we ask that everyone meet at the car park adjacent to the Cleveland Bay Pub at 12:30pm. If you are planning on travelling straight to the ground, please let us know. 

Be positive, be brave and play well! 

Come on the Knights!


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