Newport – away

After a repeatable loss to a strong Totton and Eling side, we move onto the second friendly of the season, Newport. 

It’s a regular friendly and I’m pleased to see we have a good team out.

The starting XI is thus;

  1. Sam Fielder – C
  2. Lee Payne
  3. Pete Finaly
  4. Chris Barber
  5. Darren Nangle – Wk
  6. Aaron Williams
  7. Denis Payne
  8. Ajit
  9. Nathan Small
  10. Iain Messenger
  11. Jon Page


  1. Kev Finlay
  2. Dan Keyworth
  3. Kev Houston
  4. Matt Payne
  5. Jason Maker
  6. Graham Cole

This ground is relatively close and known to all, so meeting up isn’t really needed. It’s a 1pm start so can we please try and arrive by 12.15 at the latest. 

Play well!



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