Knights Valley vs Broughton – Starting XI

Evening Chaps

Following our outstanding victory from last week, our next match on Saturday is against third from bottom Broughton and thus the Starting XI is as follows:

Starting XI:

  1. Denis Payne
  2. Pete Finlay
  3. Chris Franklin
  4. Darren Nangle
  5. Dan Keyworth
  6. Sam Fielder
  7. Ian Goozee
  8. Kevin Houston
  9. Kev Finlay
  10. Nick Franklin
  11. Iain Messenger


  1. Graham Cole
  2. Lee Payne
  3. Matt Payne
  4. Chris Barber

As this is an away fixture can everyone look to meet next to the Cleveland at the usual spot for 12:30pm; fortunately this week we do not have to travel as far as Dinton.



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