Knights Valley vs Thruxton – Starting XI

Evening All

With the weather remaing sunny and with us all looking to continue our confident performance of last week in search of our first win of the season; the starting XI is as follows:

Starting XI:

  1. Lee Payne
  2. Sam Fielder
  3. Pete Finlay
  4. Chris Barber
  5. Dan Keyworth
  6. Matt Payne
  7. Kev Finlay
  8. Jason Maker
  9. Iain Messenger
  10. Ian Goozee
  11. Denis Payne


  1. Darren Nangle
  2. Graham Cole
  3. Kevin Houston
  4. Steve Reese

As this game is away could everyone please look to meet at 12:30 at the Cleveland in order to allow ample travel time to the ground.



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