Knights Valley vs Grosenover Square Starting XI – 08th May

Afternoon All

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the nice long Bank Holiday weekend, was an awful shame that the inclement weather last week caused Knightwood to be unplayable for our Bramshaw friendly. However the first midweek fixture is now upon us and as such the starting XI is as follows:

Starting XI:

  1. Adam Sillence
  2. Steve Reese
  3. Ian Goozee
  4. Matt Payne
  5. Darren Nangle
  6. Graham Cole
  7. Lee Payne
  8. Denis Payne
  9. Dan Keyworth
  10. Charlie Pierson (if available)
  11. Chris Barber (if available)


  1. Iain Messenger
  2. Kevin Houston
  3. Jason Maker
  4. Nick Franklin

As you can see we are struggling to fill the last two spots, thus if anyone selected is now unavailable or if you know of someone who would be willing to play; then feel free to let us know in order that we can at least guarantee a squad of 11 for our first midweek fixture.






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