A few of things..

Hi All,

Firstly, it’s not long now until the season starts…the first friendly is 13 days away (although given the weather it looks unlikely we will play it) so with that in mind, can you all have a think about any days/weeks you’re unavailable for any games. The sooner we know, the easier our job of picking the team is, so let me know tomorrow or text me. I shall be bringing a wall planner to nets for everyone to fill in and Stato has his Excel spreadsheets with availability on that he’d be more than happy to show you and discuss at great length….

Secondly, I have placed an order for team kit with James, our good friend from Creative Images, and I will have until Tuesday lunchtime to add to it. So let me know tomorrow at nets if you want anything. If the order goes ahead and you want something later, you’ll have to pay extra for the carriage as it’ll be a small order….

Thirdly and lastly, evening cricket….we’ve decided the match fees are going to be £3.50. We’ve paid £40 to join up, we have to provide 6 match balls and they will be £8.50ish and we have to pay £21 per game for the pitch…do the math, add it all up, divide it and it ends up coming to about £2.60 per person. So we will end up making a modest profit.

That’s all for now….see you tomorrow!



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