Pub Gathering.

Hi guys,

Nets are going great, it’s great to see so many turning out and everyone is playing well.

Just a suggestion of a few drinks down the Cleveland, it would be good to get to know the new guys better and to chew the fat on our favoured subjects, which aren’t appropriate for this website!!

I was thinking Saturday March 1st?.

Let me know what you think.



First pre-season net done…

That was fun!

Lots of people turned up, a few new guys, some old ones (the 3 musketeers, yes I’m talking to you Pops, Senior and Goozee) and a long lost one…Ringos back!……it’s good to be hitting that leather again!

Current Player of the Year Dan looking very excited at being on the verge of a bat for the first time in 4 months!!


Nets in full swing!!


See you all next week!