Club bank account

Dear All,

I am pleased to say, that, at long last the club bank account is ready. As discussed at the AGM, it will make it easier for us to pay our subs and to pay for pitches, nets, teas etc and generally account for all monies.

In future, anybody requiring club clothing can put the money for the items into the club account and I can get a cheque from our treasurer when it’s ready, so no cash is exchanged.

Iain Messenger has been voted in as Treasurer and will do (and has already done) a fantastic job, mainly insuring everyone pays on time! That is, he’s much bigger than all of us!

Details will be given out in person, obviously I’m not going to be giving out account numbers etc on here.

Don’t forget nets on Monday!

Love you,


A couple of things…

Hi guys,

A reminder to you all that nets start in a couple of weeks! So oil your bats, dust off your pads and dig out your trainers.

It’ll be good to get back into the swing of things, we’ve got some things to work on and have looked up some fun ways to make nets a bit more constructive.

Also, Stato will be having to pay for match balls, handbooks, league subscriptions etc soon.

To this end can we all try and bring our subs money to the first net session. If you do, it will stop him from giving me earache and keep the new Treasurer (in Senior we trust) off your back!!

Good stuff