Crown Taverners II – June 8th

Fellow Knights,

Another match is upon us…..home this week to Crown Taverners II.

Please be at the ground for 1.15.

Thank you to Mrs Messenger who is kindly on tea duty this week, no doubt a plethora of cream crackers and French stick awaits us……..Cams favourite!

Starting XI……

  1. Lee Payne
  2. Steve Reese
  3. Pete Finlay
  4. Cameron Messenger
  5. Dan Keyworth
  6. Matt Payne
  7. Chris Franklin
  8. Kev Finlay
  9. Denis Payne
  10. Sam Fielder
  11. Chris Barber


  1. Dave McAdam
  2. Adam Sillence
  3. Alex Messenger
  4. Nick Franklin

A welcome back to Pops, who is returning from injury and this is Steves last game for a few weeks whilst he awaits the arrival of Baby Reese. Let’s do our upmost to send him off on a high note and carry on with the good form and discipline.

Party on!


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