VTCC away – May 4th

Shining Knights,

The final friendly of the year takes place against Vospors, at their ground. The weather has been amazing up until now, lets hope it continues all the way through until September. Fingers crossed.

Standard away drill here, please be at the usual meeting point, the car park behind the Cleveland Bay pub, for 12.45 (that’s 12.45 Matt and Adam!)

The starting XI is thus……

  1. Lee Payne
  2. Steve Reese
  3. Pete Finlay
  4. Adam Silence
  5. Dave McAdam
  6. Matt Payne
  7. Kev Finlay
  8. Denis Payne
  9. Dan Keyworth
  10. Chris Franklin
  11. Sam Fielder

We are contributing £30 towards the cost of tea, we aren’t paying to use the pitch, so it’ll be £5 on the day and the club will then make a little bit also.

Looking forward to it guys.



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