Sam Fielder


Sam ‘fiegn-a-throw’ Fielder – Vice Captain

Sam was the first Knights player of the year and this left-handed Bowler/Batsman was a worthy winner of the award. A clever seam bowler, he has tremendous accuracy and a wide variety of deliveries to bamboozle the opposition batsman. As a batsman, he likes to play some shots but can also hang around with a keen stubbornness. If you ever have the chance to watch Knights, the ‘fiegn-a-throw’ expression given to Sam is an obvious one, every single time he gathers the ball in the field, he goes to throw it back to the keeper, hard, but never releases the ball. It has become a bit of a joke amongst the guys, impressions soon follow and Sam never fails to disappoint. Speaking of disappointment, under no circumstances, ever, drop a chance from Sam bowling or a wicked glare and a few choice words will be coming your way. You have been warned……..


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